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The 3rd World Youth Talent Olympiad

Hong Kong Team Match Highlights

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Innovation and Technology Commission

June 16-21, 2013

Oswego, USA

Press release

The 2013 World Youth Talent Olympiad, co-hosted by SUNY Oswego and Terra Science and Education Foundation, was held on the campus of SUNY Oswego from June 16 to 21. Aimed at high school students, the competition revolves around environmental issues and solutions and includes competitions in science, creative writing, design, art and engineering. This competition was held for the third time. The competition attracted a total of 325 entries and nearly 430 students from 58 countries and regions.

Under the leadership of the Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Association, the Hong Kong representative team participating in this competition is composed of Tang Cheuk-yin from Carmel Park Yu Secondary School and Ho Lang-hei from La Salle College. Their research projects are related to environmental protection. After a day of competition and judging, Tang Cheuk-yin won the Silver Award for his work "Biochemical Gas - Kicking the Greenhouse Effect"; Ho Lang-hei's work "Wave Energy Reduction of Carbon" won the Merit Award and the Selby Hancox Memorial Award for Independent Technical Achievement, the results are encouraging.

In addition to the competition session, the conference also provided different platforms for students from all over the world to conduct cultural exchanges. On the second day of the competition, participating students started to get to know each other and build friendship through icebreaker games. The international cultural exchange exhibition held by the conference was also quite successful. Participants from various countries displayed souvenirs, special foods, and special exhibits from their own countries. Among them, participants from many countries even wore traditional national costumes and sang and danced. The atmosphere is high. During the period, members of the Hong Kong team also exchanged souvenirs and exchanged contacts with many foreign friends.

Under the arrangement of the conference, teachers and students from various countries visited the famous Niagara Falls. Both members of the Hong Kong team were in awe of its majestic scenery, huge hydropower generation capacity and challenging environmental protection projects. Among them, Tang Cheuk-yin from Carmel Baiyu Secondary School said after the competition: "Visiting Niagara Falls is the most unforgettable experience of this trip. Its scale is so large that it is very shocking to see it from a distance, and it is even more impressive when you walk to the bottom of the waterfall. The majestic momentum is like ten thousand horses galloping, violent wind and rain, and thrilling." Afterwards, the students had a picnic on the vast grass in the waterfall park, sitting on the ground facing the beautiful scenery, which was an unforgettable experience.

The campus of this competition is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, one of the five great lakes in North America. Although it is not a big city in the United States, the folk customs are simple and unique. The students also stayed with nature throughout the competition. The beautiful scenery and the theme of the competition complemented each other, awakening the students to the importance of environmental protection. The two students not only achieved good results in the competition and brought glory to Hong Kong; they also broadened their horizons through exchanges with competitors from various countries, learned from each other, and learned from others, in order to contribute to environmental protection in the future.

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