scientific talent

"Children of the Star", "Daughter of the Star"

The Association has led the Hong Kong team to the United States since 2004. The International Astronomical Federation has awarded the team members the right to name "asteroids" several times in recognition of their outstanding achievements in scientific research.

Huang Shenming
Li Jianbang
Chen Dixi
Fang Erhai
Jian Yongyi
Lin Junxi
Angie Li
Liu Decheng
Liu Dejian
Chen Jiajian
Chen Yixi

"Tomorrow's Little Scientist"

An important platform has been built for selecting and cultivating young talents for scientific and technological innovation, and batches of "young talents" who love science and have the courage to explore stand out in the activities and emerge in the fields of scientific research and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hu Shiqi
Luo Guanyu
Zhu Kaiming
Xuan Yanxun

their research

The essence of invention creation is to create objects that have not yet appeared or improve existing products, with the purpose of improving human life. Among them, it is necessary to deeply understand the current problems, observe carefully, do not act according to inertia, and look at problems with new thinking in order to create new inventions. Great inventions allow users to use simple and easy-to-understand methods to solve problems. General inventions can still operate normally after many tests. After the author has tested the invention for many times, it is repeatedly improved before it can be applied to real life.

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