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  • To host and undertake the largest youth science competition in Hong Kong, the whole country and the world
  • Hold a series of popular science lectures, creative workshops, scientific and creative exploration activities

Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association Science and Creativity Center (referred to as Science and Technology Center)

Established with the support of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and put into service in September 2006, it is the first center in Hong Kong with the theme of promoting science and creativity education.Operating funds mainly come from government funding, donations from the Jockey Club, corporate and individual donations, etc.We have been adhering toHong Kong New Generation Cultural AssociationOver the years, the concept of scientific and creative education,Every year, a series of different types of scientific and creative competitions, lectures and workshops are held for teachers, students and parents in Hong Kong.Over the years, manyscientific talent, which includes"Children of the Star" Chen Yixiand"Daughter of the Star" Angie LiWait.

In line with the mission of "Creativity Launch", the Science and Technology Innovation Center hosts and undertakes the largest science competitions in Hong Kong, the country and the world, aiming to provide a scientific exchange platform for young people to "face the whole country and go international". Through a variety of competitions, young people are encouraged to do scientific research and create hands-on creations, and they also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with elite young people from all over the world. In addition, young people can develop their wild creativity and ideas on the literary level.

"Children of the Star" Huang Shenming, Li Jianbang
Have fun with STEM summer camp

In addition to hosting large-scale local science competitions, the Science and Technology Innovation Centre also provides different types of STEM creative activities for teachers and students in Hong Kong to enhance the scientific, technological and creative capabilities of Hong Kong students. They can also gain an in-depth understanding of relevant scientific and technological knowledge through hands-on creative practice. Teachers can also conduct teaching exchanges and guide students in STEM activities in a more effective way. In addition, the Science and Technology Innovation Center also held ecological conservation-themed activities to enhance students' awareness and concern for environmental conservation.

The Science and Technology Innovation Center organizes different types of incubation programs for primary and secondary school students. The center will provide relevant materials for students to create their own inventions. Through theory and practice, greatly enhance their scientific research potential and practical ability. In addition, students have the opportunity to be paired with professional tutors, from which they receive expert guidance. In addition to improving the quality of scientific research works, they can also learn from their supervisors the attitudes and methods of conducting scientific research.

I&T MASTER Cultivation Course

Central facilities

The Science and Technology Center is located in the campsite of Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Center, with an area of more than 5,000 square feet. Through the diversified facilities of the Science and Technology Innovation Center, various lectures and activities are held to showcase outstanding works that have won awards in various competitions, and to provide different support for students. These include a lecture hall with a capacity of more than 200 people, an exhibition hall for displaying award-winning scientific and creative works, a Science Heroes List for praising students for their outstanding performance in scientific creativity, a science and creativity library, and a destruction room that provides creative space.

Science Heroes List
Exhibition hall
lecture hall
destruction chamber

Director's words

Re-starting the journey of STEM education

Hello, everyone! My name is Deng Yongkang. I started leading students to participate in the activities organized by the Science and Innovation Center more than ten years ago. After retiring from a high school career in science and technology education for 40 years, he has been participating in voluntary work in different fields, doing his best to repay the society.

It is an honor to be invited to join the big family of the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association to lead the Science and Innovation Center in a new position and continue our unfinished dream.

Over the years, the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association has been leading Hong Kong students on the road to STEM education. The road of STEM education is full of difficulties, but we are not afraid of hardships, forge ahead, and innovate. In addition to giving teachers and students the opportunity to exchange ideas on inventions and research, we also provide opportunities for gifted students in STEM education to rush out of Hong Kong. Shine bright on the international stage.

We hope that students can make good use of the knowledge and skills acquired in STEM education, and solve difficulties in life with a positive attitude.

Although affected by the epidemic, Hong Kong students have repeatedly achieved good results in STEM education. This year, Hong Kong student Cai Peilin won the highest honor - "Kezhi Public Welfare Award" (with a scholarship of RMB 100,000) in the national competition - "Little Scientists of Tomorrow", in order to reward her for applying science and technology to new challenges facing mankind Solutions with innovative and commercial potential. In terms of international competitions, Hong Kong student Sun Haoxiang won the second prize in the world's largest youth STEM competition - Regeneron International Science and Engineering Awards.

We firmly believe that with the support of the Hong Kong SAR government and the country, Hong Kong students will be able to reach new heights.

Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association Science Innovation Centre
Director Mr. Tang Yongkang
August 2021

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history and development

Since its establishment, the Science and Technology Innovation Center, with the support of people from all walks of life, provides high-quality and comprehensive services for the healthy growth of young people, provides support services and training programs for teachers, and does its best to cultivate more outstanding talents.

scientific talent

The Association has led the Hong Kong team to the United States since 2004. The International Astronomical Federation has awarded the team members the right to name "asteroids" several times in recognition of their outstanding achievements in scientific research.          


The partners of the Science and Technology Innovation Center include government departments, academic institutions, non-profit or charitable organizations, and we sincerely thank you for your continuous support.                                                               


We hope that you/your organization will make generous donations and donations to assist the Center in promoting various meaningful scientific and creative nurturing activities.                                                                           

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