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The 7th Soong Ching Ling Children's Invention Award

Hong Kong Team Match Highlights

About this competition

China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, China Invention Association

Elementary and middle school students

July 26 to August 1, 2010

Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

The 7th Soong Ching Ling Children Invention Award was successfully concluded in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province from July 26th to 8th this year. The competition attracted tens of thousands of works from 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government to participate in the competition. The competition is divided into three categories: primary school, junior high school and high school. After local screening, online preliminary evaluation and expert final evaluation, the gold award, Silver, Bronze, Gardener, Organization and Creative. In addition to the award-winning activities of this competition, the conference also used the network platform to carry out activities such as online award-winning, exhibition of works, dialogues and exchanges with experts, and set up a stage for the majority of children and science and technology teachers to display their talents and wisdom.

In this competition, the Hong Kong team sent a total of 8 students to participate and won 8 special awards. The members are all winners of the Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition. In addition to the competition, teachers and students did not forget to communicate with contestants from other provinces and cities. The conference also arranged for teachers and students to visit the Shanxi Museum and the Shanxi Coal Museum, so that you can have the opportunity to get in touch with the people of Shanxi. Many of this year's inventions are close to social hotspots, including energy saving, water saving, environmental protection, health, transportation and many other aspects, which not only show the intelligence and intelligence of children, but also fully reflect their responsibility and love. The works of the Hong Kong team and the Taiwan team who participated in the exhibition for the first time attracted a large number of people who came to watch them, laying a foundation for the further development and exchange of invention and creation education activities in the three places across the Taiwan Strait and broadening the horizons of children.

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