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The 32nd National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

Hong Kong Team Match Highlights

About this competition

China Association for Science and Technology

Organizers in Hong Kong
Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association

support agency
Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Kindergarten students, primary school students, secondary school students and primary and secondary school teachers and schools

August 14-19, 2017


Press release

The 32nd National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "National Competition") was successfully held at the Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hangzhou from August 14th to 19th. This competition attracted more than 500 outstanding young people and more than 200 science and technology instructors from all over the country, as well as nearly 50 international contestants and representatives from more than 20 countries to participate in the exhibition, review and exchange activities. The competition aims to cultivate young people's innovative spirit and practical ability.

The theme of this year's national competition is "Innovation‧Experience‧Growth". All contestants must present their projects and compete for multiple awards after being judged by nearly 100 expert judges. This time, 11 entries from the Hong Kong representative team went to Hangzhou to participate in the final evaluation. Although the shortlisted students in the children's science fiction painting and excellent technology practice activities did not need to attend the final evaluation activities, their works were arranged for public display online . This year, the Hong Kong team won more than 60 awards, including 5 first prizes, 13 second prizes, 19 third prizes, 12 special awards, 6 "creative star awards" and 12 "outstanding Creativity Award", brilliant results!

Zheng Chenqiao from the Affiliated Primary School of St. Paul's Co-educational Secondary School successfully won the first prize of the Junior Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Competition of the Primary School Group with his work "Magic Healthy Water Cup", and won two special awards, including the "STEM Outstanding Project Award" and "" Knowledge is Power" Magazine (National) Special Award – "Knowledge" Innovation Award". The water cup she invented affects the taste nerves through the sense of smell and vision, giving the user the illusion of enjoying fruit juice or herbal tea when drinking clear water, so as to solve different health problems nowadays. In addition to being favored by the judges, the work also attracted Vice President Li Yuanchao to watch and understand the design of the work. He even praised the work as a high-level work. Zheng Chenqiao undoubtedly became the most eye-catching contestant in the primary school group.

The work "Quick Silver Urine Test" by student Yin Jinhui from King's College also focuses on human health issues - using nano-silver to detect proteinuria and hyperphosphatemia. The work successfully won the first prize of the Youth Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Competition of the Senior High School Group and two special awards, including the "Zhongming Science Award" and the "Intel Talent Award".

In addition, the Hong Kong representative team won a total of 6 "Creativity Star Awards" and 12 "Excellent Creativity Awards" in the youth science and technology creative projects. Only 10) to reward "Creative Stars" who possess both scientific and creative thinking. The students who received the "Creativity Star Award" include Huang Kaicheng from the Christian and Missionary Alliance Tsui Chak Lam Memorial Primary School, Ng Leung Hang from St. Du Mingzheng from Ling Rhenish Secondary School and Huang Shiting from S.K.H. Lee Ping Secondary School.

In this national competition, Li Yuanchao, Vice President of the State, was invited to participate in the final evaluation activities, public exhibition and closing ceremony. Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the closing ceremony and pointed out that our party will hold the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China soon and embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country. Contemporary teenagers have caught up with the prosperity of the country and the good times of national rejuvenation. I hope that everyone can learn from the predecessors in science, establish a great ambition to serve the country with science from an early age, and grow into a pillar of the world's scientific and technological power in the future. In addition, he also encouraged everyone to let whimsical ideas become the driving force for future exploration and innovation, and from here embark on the life path of dedicating themselves to the cause of science and technology.

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